Date                         : Saturday, June 13th2015

Time                         : 08.30 am – 10.00 am

Location                  : Pecatu Hall, Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center

After scouring stories from our network of 800+ ISES alumni in 50+ countries, we have narrowed in on four youths who have been able to enact the greatest change in their short careers and added in one Change-maker that will be attending ISES this year. These 4 individuals will come to Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia from June 10-13 to participate in the Change-makers Panel.


Rosie Pidcock (Moderator) 


Rosie wears various hats for Student Energy. She chairs the Convener's Club that connects alumni of the movement, aids in the ISES transition and selection process, and oversees Student Energy's presence in China. Rosie is currently living in Beijing where she manages the Commercial Solar division in China for UGE, a global full service renewable energy provider. Rosie previously managed the Built Environment program for China Greentech (now the Paulson Institute) and managed the launch of The China Greentech Report 2013, the foremost resource for commercial opportunities in China's greentech industry. Rosie has five years of experience consulting public utilities and C&I customers on their distributed energy strategies.


Claudina Padilla

Operations Manager at founder at  CISE - Center for Innovation and Sustainable Energy

 When Claudina came back from ISES, she was determined to commercialize biodigesters. Her husband had managed to become the representative for a Japanese company involving microorganisms to restore ecosystems, and through his company, they started offering biogas as well as biological restoration projects. She started to make alliances with other professionals from Guatemala in the same field. They added carbon neutrality programs to their projects, and started focusing on reducing carbon emissions through biodigesters. On 2014, her husband, a friend and her decided to found CISE – Center of Innovation and Sustainable Energies.


Mihir Desu

Pricing Analyst, Portland General Electric (PGE)


 Mihir Desu, currently residing in Portland, OR, is employed as a pricing analyst for Portland General Electric (PGE) where he gets to engage with local stakeholders on avoided cost, solar, and other pricing policies. Prior to joining PGE, he quantified the energy savings potential and measured the cost-effectiveness of various energy-efficiency programs across the world as an analyst with The Cadmus Group, Inc. Before joining Cadmus, as an analyst with Energy GPS, LLC, he analyzed power market trends for energy traders and the return-on-investment of developing energy infrastructure projects.


Xavier Gordon

President, Xergy Energy


During his university years, Xavier was heavily involved in the student leadership of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).  Internationally he led the development of Canadian chapters as the Canadian Chairperson, and globally as the International Chairperson. In 2011, Xavier left GE and started Xergy Energy. Currently Xergy Energy is Ontario’s largest Operations and Maintenance Provider for the residential market, and sits on the Canadian Solar Industry Association’s Photovoltaic (PV) Caucus, advising on public policy, industry standards, and technical matters for the entire industry. Here Xavier is the vice chair of the residential sector committee.


Yarjan Abdul Samad

PhD scholar and teaching assistant at Khalifa University of Science Technology and Research Abu Dhabi, UAE


Yarjan Abdul Samad come from a wind-swept land called Buleda, located near Turbat city in Baluchistan, which goes unnoticed on the map of Pakistan. Currently, he is a 3rd year PhD student at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi working on developing new materials for applications such as lithium sulfur batteries and for pressure and strain sensing. He has published his PhD research work in leading international refereed journals and has also presented his work in renowned conferences of the field in the US, Norway and Germany. He has over 20 publications including journal papers, conference papers, a US patent and a book chapter. He has recently won the INNOVATOR 2015 award and the best paper award in the UAE graduate student research conference for his work on human blood pressure sensing wrist band.