The ISES 2015 fundraising team works hard to make the conference as affordable as possible for students.  A huge part of that is our bursary program where we offer financial support to delegates who demonstrate financial need. There is only a certain amount of funding available so discounts offered are limited and vary based on the requirements below.

  • A strong need for financial support to attend ISES 2015
  • High enthusiasm to support sustainable global energy development

Normally, delegates will only receive a bursary to cover their delegate fee but in some cases (particularly for students in the developing world) travel assistance may be provided as well. Below, listed the type of bursary that available for ISES 2015 delegates. 

1. Delegate Fee

Delegate fee covers your registration fee to attend ISES 2015. 

2. Travel Funding

Travel Funding is one bursary option you can choose. Travel funding will cover your transportation expenditure from your location to Bali and vice versa. The amount of money given will vary according to your location and our assessment of your need. The grant will be given when you arrive at the venue for ISES 2015 and show proof of payment.

How do I apply for a bursary?

To apply for a bursary simply register for the conference as normal and on the payment page select “Apply for a Bursary.” You will be asked to answer questions about why you want to attend ISES and to demonstrate your financial need. The deadline to complete and submit a bursary application is May 17th 2015 . 

Any questions about bursaries should be directed to delegates@ises2015.com.

When do I find out if I have recieved a bursary? 

The bursary team reviews applications on an ongoing basis so you will receive a notification informing you of our decision on your application shortly after we receive your completed application (about 2-3 weeks). Because the prices are different for depending on when you register, we will make every effort to let students know about the bursary decision prior to the closing of Early Bird registration.

Student Funding

While we try our best to make the conference affordable, we realize it is still a large expense for students. For this reason we have put together a few resources to help you raise funds through your school and sponsors. 

Download the fundraising package below for template letters, and support in budgeting. 

Download Fund Your Experience Package

Any questions about this can be directed to