Field Trip

Participants will be given the opportunity to visit places in Bali that have successfully implemented renewable and sustainable energy projects. This trip will provide an “on the ground” view of the world of energy and encourage participants to start their own movements back home.

Unconference Session

The Unconference Session is an open discussion forum emphasizing the informal exchange of ideas between participants. It is participant-driven to create an interactive, informal atmosphere. Participants are free to choose what they want to talk about and develop ideas in real time with their peers. 

Changemaker Panel

The most popular panel of the entire 2013 conference, the Changemaker Panel features 4 ISES Alumni who have gone on to make waves in the energy system.  They share their experiences, lessons and hope for the youth to transform the world as we know it! 

Research Corner

Research corner is a one of creative program’s event on ISES 2015. This event will provide delegates who have a research to present their unique and creative research to the other delegates. This event are open only for 16 delegates.