The most popular beaches destinations in Bali are Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, Lovina and Sanur Beach. Nusa Dua Beach is where the big-name hotels line the beautiful sandy beaches offering excellent swimming in a protected lagoon. Kuta Beach is the most visited beach in Bali. It is ideal for those who wish to combine a beach holiday with testing their surfing and shopping skills. Legian Beach has been called the “United Nations Beach” as locals, expatriates and tourists mingle together. Lovina Beach is well known as an excellent site for sunset watching, snorkeling, and diving. Nightlife activities also abound. Sanur Beach is a calm, quiet lagoon area offering great conditions for windsurfing, parasailing and other recreational activities. The calm waters of Sanur beach make it very popular with families.


There are many stunning temples in Bali, and each with its own uniqueness, such as Sampuh, Uluwatu, Segara Nata, or Bias Tugel. Take time to explore as many as you can - you will definitely not be disappointed. And remember, always show respect and dress modestly when entering temples.

Dance and Music

Balinese dance and music comes in many forms, functions and styles. From the ethereal Gamelan, to the riveting Kechak chant-dance, Bali’s culture is rich with dance and drama. Many hotels offer dinner performances, or you may be lucky enough to catch one in action at a local temple.


For people who enjoy outdoor activities, Bali is the perfect place to be. There are lots of activities to choose from. If you like being in the water, you can go windsurfing, jet skiing, diving and snorkeling or rafting. If being up in the air is your thing, you can try bungee jumping or skydiving. Bali also has a large number of golf clubs for those of you who enjoy golfing.


Indonesian batiks are world famous. Gold and silverware are reasonably priced. Woodcarvings and handicrafts also make attractive gifts. Indonesia is well known for good buys in clothing, leather products, electronics, etc. Bargaining is customary in small shops and markets, the art of which is to start at the half of the asking price and slowly increase your offer until a compromise is reached. Find Balinese way of shopping at adjacent spots; art market, village market, Kreneng Food Center, Hardy’s or visit a short distance shopping mall, Bali Collection.


Dining in Bali poses endless possibilities as Indonesia has one of the world's greatest cuisines. Balinese cooking revolves around spices, often partnered by coconut milk, which adds a rich flavor and creamy texture to intriguing dishes of tropical vegetables, poultry, meat and fish. Sugar, fragrant roots and leaves are used and the end result is food that is both subtle and sophisticated. Experience the memorable culinary tour at Fukutaro, Lotus Garden, Koki, Ulam, Nyoman’s Beergarden, and many more spots to visit.