It starts here.

The International Student Energy Summit is more than just a conference - it's a movement.

Energy scarcity, global development, geopolitical tension, and environmental damage make the energy crisis the biggest challenge for our modern world. What we do now will forever impact the energy landscape.

Our world is entering into a global energy transition. Students have the exciting opportunity to contribute as we are the next researchers, CEOs, politicians, and industry experts. Students need to stand up and voice their ideas, making it clear that what they do today will have lasting effects on generations to come.

ISES is advocating for a collective way of examining energy. The energy crisis is too expansive to solely weigh on the shoulders of economists, or scientists, or CEOs. The only way to solve this global issue is through an integrated approach that examines the technological, social and economic components.

The goal of ISES is for students to develop new perspectives on solutions. By bringing together people from different regions, backgrounds and academic disciplines, we are setting the platform for multidisciplinary thought creation and global cooperation.

Current leaders in energy will be on hand to shed light on relevant issues and developments taking place in the sector. Students will learn first from their experience and expertise.  

ISES believes that building a sustainable energy system is not an altruistic concept, but rather something that will lead to more profitable businesses, stronger economies, safer communities, and healthier people. Students today have the rare opportunity to pioneer a sustainable energy landscape for the future. Join the ISES movement and together we will fuel the future of energy!